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Orthotics play an essential role in both the treatment and the prevention of an array of foot- and ankle-related issues. At Cambridge Foot and Ankle Associates, Inc., we offer patients in Newport Beach and Orange, CA, the most innovative, comfortable and durable orthotics custom designed for each patient’s unique needs for optimal relief of symptoms.

Orthotics Q & A

What are custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts made of very durable materials and designed to address specific foot-, ankle- or gait-related issues. As the name implies, custom orthotics are made on a patient-by-patient basis, taking into account not only the symptoms and underlying condition experienced by the patient, but also the patient’s foot shape, gait and overall health concerns to provide a custom solution aimed at achieving long-term results and relief of pain and other symptoms.

When are orthotics used?

Custom orthotics can be designed and created to address an array offoot and ankle related issues, including:

  • bunions
  • hammer toes
  • neuromas
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tendon or ligament strains and related issues
  • “fallen” arches and flat feet
  • “weak” ankles
  • balance problems
  • gait-related problems
  • congenital deformities and defects

Custom orthotics can be designed to fit just about any type of shoe, including sneakers and athletic shoes as well as high heels.

Are custom orthotics better than the shoe inserts I can buy in the drugstore?

Absolutely. Custom orthotics are made to fit the individual patient and designed to address specific needs. As a result, they provide long-term relief of symptoms and help patients regain pain-free mobility. Over-the-counter products are designed for large groups of people using very broad concepts of common foot issues. As a result, they rarely provide long-term meaningful relief and in many cases, they can actually cause problems to become worse. Plus, shoe inserts from the drugstore are made of much flimsier materials and don’t last nearly as long as custom-made orthotics, which are made of very durable materials designed to provide long periods of comfortable wear and proper support.

How are custom orthotics made?

The design and manufacture process begins with a careful evaluation of the patient’s symptoms and a diagnosis of the underlying cause of pain and other symptoms. Measurements are made of the foot and a gait analysis is also performed. In some cases, computerized equipment may be used to analyze the foot shape or gait pattern. All these data are sent to the lab where the orthotic is carefully crafted using the most advanced materials for ultimate support and long-lasting relief of symptoms.

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