Summer vacation and your feet

Now that summer is here most of us really want to do something fun.  Depending on what part of the country you live in being outdoors may be goal one.  But before you head out to whatever your summer destination lets take a quick review of how you should take of your feet.  

Summertime and the activities we participate in vary for each of us.  For some, it is not Summer unless they are at the beach.  Others may be looking to head to rivers, lakes or mountains.  Still, others may be getting ready to go on that vacation that requires walking and possibly a lot of it. Wherever you may be going shoe gear will be important.  

Let's start with some basics.  First, make sure that the shoes you are using are made for what you are going to be doing.  You certainly would not wear your flip-flops to go hiking and neither would I expect you to use hiking boots with your bathing suit at the beach. Each set of footwear has its own specific use so let's make sure we use our shoes for what they are made for. 

The next thing you should do is to make sure you have broken the footwear in.  I say footwear because some of you may be putting your flip-flops or sandals on for the first time this year or may have a new pair altogether.  Those of you who are planning on a walking vacation may have treated yourself to a new pair of walking shoes or hiking boots. Even if you are using the same style and the same brand you need to break the footwear in. 

Breaking in your new footwear is done as follows. Begin by using the new footwear about forty-five minutes to one hour.  The next day increase your time to around two hours.  Take five to six days to really let your feet get used to the footwear. You don't even have to be walking for the full time.  Simply having the footwear on will allow your body to get used to the pressure points. 

Summer only comes around once a year.  By avoiding issues with new footwear such as blisters, callous', ulcerations and other pains you can make sure foot pain won't slow you down this Summer or any other.  Have a great time no matter what you do and if you need any help getting your feet set for Summer, please give Cambridge Foot and Ankle a call.  

Dr. H. Austin Hewlett Dr. Hewlett is Board Certified in both Foot and Reconstructive Rear Foot Surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. The highest certification in the field of Podiatry. He has been practicing at Cambridge Foot and Ankle Associates for 18 years and is also the longest sitting Podiatrist on the Orthopedic Executive Committee at Saint Josephs Hospital in Orange Ca. In addition Dr. Hewlett serves as the director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship at Specialty Surgical Center of Irvine. He has been surfing for over 40 years and absolutely loves raising his daughter. Dr. Hewlett is available for consultation in both the Orange and Newport Beach offices of Cambridge Foot and Ankle. He specializes in all treatment aspects of the foot and ankle ranging from skin infections to complicated reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle.

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